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My name is Clark Murray, and I am a full stack web developer currently living in Lexington, KY. I grew up wanting to become a lawyer, and to that end I pursed a degree from Transylvania University in Philosophy, Politics & Economics. However, shortly before graduation, I took my first computer science course and discovered that my true passion was in programming. After graduation I decided to skip going to law school, and instead focused on teaching myself web development in the evenings after work before eventually enrolling in Awesome Inc U's Web Development Bootcamp.

When I am not working on my latest project or learning an exciting new framework or technique, I can be found reading, playing basketball, playing video games, obsessing over UK basketball and football, going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, and arguing that Batman can in fact beat Superman in a fight.




PHP, Laravel, Vue, Bootstrap

Backlogged is a Goodreads-like application that is meant to track users' backlogs across multiple forms of media (at present, books and movies, with TV shows currently under development). The application is built with Laravel on the back-end and Vue on the front-end, and also implements Algolia's Vue InstantSearch and Bootstrap 3.


Vue, Vuetify

IPAM (Internet Protocol Address Manager) began as a final group project for the S17 cohort of the Awesome Inc U Bootcamp (the cohort prior to mine). I and three others were tasked with converting the front-end of the application from Angular to Vue, to allow for greater compatibiltiy with the Laravel framework that was used on the back-end. We also converted the project away from the Bootstrap CSS framework and into Vuetify.


PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap

Laramail is an internal messaging application built in the style of Gmail using Laravel, and capable of exchanging messages between registered users as well as starring messages, creating drafts, and soft and hard deletes. The application was a group project, with the group being split into three teams, each of whom worked on separate features and bugs while coordinating with the other teams via Github Issues. My group worked primarily on the reply functionality (both to single and multiple recipients), drafts, and cleaning up sundry bugs.


PHP, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap

A dynamic site demonstration of pure PHP and SQL that began as a single-day class project made at the end of Week 6 of Bootcamp. The site contains basic information about several superheroes from the "Bat Family" from DC Comics, with each hero having their own dynamically created profile in addition to being displayed in the master list on the homepage.

Vue Sorting Hat

Vue, Bootstrap

A Harry Potter-flavored quiz in the vein of Buzzfeed. The user takes a five question quiz, and is then sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses based on their answers. The single-page application began as a one-day project meant to demonstrate compentency with Vue.js, and received further tweaks and refinement since then.


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